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COOPID Interactive Platform: take part in the project

Interactive resources to boost the bioeconomy across the EU agri-food sector

Interactive resources to boost the bioeconomy across the EU agri-food sector

Are you a primary producer?part of the agri-food industry? a researcher?a policy maker?

There are different ways to interact and take part in the COOPID project:

Become a COOPID Ambassador!
Explore the COOPID website: understand the broad framework
See and comment on the visits organised so far: the forums!
Explore bioeconomy organisations next to you: the COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters
TOOLS of the EU Commission for bioeconomy organisations
Review the successfull organisations identified by COOPID

Clusters of relevant EU agri-food organisations in the bioeconomy

CBCs & collaborators.

This section maps clusters of relevant agri-food organisations within the bioeconomy in the EU. Their business strategies are examples of efficient, sustainable and profitable models that could be replicated. The organisations within these clusters (COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters, CBCs) have the overall aim of collaborating towards achieving a wider adoption of bio-based business models in the European primary production sector.

Primary producers active in the bioeconomy

COOPID Ambassadors

The COOPID ambassadors actively take part in the activities organised by COOPID, like visits to successfull bioeconomy organisations in the EU. COOPID ambassadors are primary producers, generally part of COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters.

Would you like to become a COOPID ambassador? Click here!

Success cases portfolio

Examples of business models

The COOPID project gathers in this Interactive Platform the success cases it identifies through in-depth analysis of the business model landscape across the bioeconomy in the EU agri-food sector.


Discussions about the COOPID success cases

Would you like to know more about the COOPID success cases? Is there a business model you would like to explore in detail?

The COOPID Interactive Platform opens up to debate its success cases, choose the case you are interested in, review the materials and share your comments!

Recent topics



For primary producers and stakeholders

This platform will publish surveys for primary producers and relevant stakeholders in the EU agri-food sector. Stay tuned, take your chance to influence the future of the bioeconomy!

Surveys will open soon!

Self-Assessment Tool of the EU Commission

Assess the investment readiness level of your region concerning sustainable chemical production

The European Commission has developed a tool that allows its users to assess the investment readiness level of a given EU region concerning sustainable chemical production.

‘Sustainable chemical production’ is the usage of alternative raw materials to produce chemical products, which includes especially 3 types of feedstock:

  1. Biomass from agriculture and forestry.
  2. Waste from farms, municipalities, sewage sludge, agri-food industry and paper & pulp industry.
  3. Effluent gases, such as CO2 and CO.

Through an online questionnaire of 60 to 80 questions, the SAT will show in which areas a region is strong and which could use improvements.

This could be a great tool to asses if your region is ready to support your transition towards the bioeconomy!
Review the tool and take the test
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