The COOPID project has carried out a selection of 10 success cases within the bioeconomy across the EU primary sector. This is the one belonging to the Austrian Success Case: Pelletierungsgenossenschaft eGen. This case covers their overall business idea, main products, key characteristics, and plans for the development of its business model.

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Main facts

  • Established in 2015

  • 4 employees

  • Cooperatively owned

  • 2000 tons of raw materials processed per year

Main products

  1. High-quality bedding pellets for poultry, horses, and pets
  2. Fiber-rich feed pellets

In addition to selling the pellets, income is also generated from selling the service of processing of farmers´ own biomass into pellets used by the farmers themselves.

Overall business idea

  1. Upgrading regional agricultural biomass and residual materials into new products
  2. Application of technology for pressure hydrothermal treatment and processing of the biomass into pellets
  3. Income is generated from both selling pellets as a product and from contract production of pellets

Key characteristics of the success story

  1. Optimised utilisation of agricultural biomass and residual materials
  2. Circulation of nutrients and carbon
  3. Application of novel, energy efficient technologies
  4. High degree of renewable energy for production processes
  5. Financial support to cover part of the investment

Plans for development

A production line for biofuel pellets is under construction

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