The COOPID project has carried out a selection of 10 success cases within the bioeconomy across the EU primary sector. This is the one belonging to the Danish Success Case: Møllerup Brands . This case covers their overall business idea, main products, key characteristics, and plans for development of its business model.

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Main facts

  • Established in 2015

  • 4 employees

  • Family-owned business

Overall business idea

  1. Fractionation of the whole hemp crop into seeds, leaves and stalks
  2. Selling high-value, healthy and tasty products for human consumption based on hemp seeds and leaves
  3. Utilisation of the hemp stalks for bio-based furniture boards and insulation boards for buildings
  4. Part of the hemp is produced on Møllerup´s own fields but the main part is produced on other farms
  5. The products for human consumption are sold to the shops or directly to private customers

Main products

  1. Hemp peeled seeds
  2. Hemp flour
  3. Hemp shells
  4. Hemp oil
  5. Food products with hemp
  6. Skincare products with hemp
  7. Insulation boards of stalks
  8. Furniture boards of stalks

Key characteristics of the success story

  1. Introducing a crop with high yields and environmental benefits
  2. Processing of the hemp feedstock using cascading approach
  3. High-value compounds sold for human consumption
  4. Valorisation of all by-products for bio-based materials
  5. Actively involved in development of new technologies

Plans for development

  1. Focus more on producing hemp-based ingredients for industrial applications
  2. Increase volumes of products and accept lower prices per ton
  3. Shifting its main market from the retail market to the food industry, e.g., industrial bakeries

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