The COOPID project has carried out a selection of 10 success cases within the bioeconomy across the EU primary sector. This is the one belonging to the Finnish Success Case: Valio. This case covers their overall business idea, main products, key characteristics, and plans for development of its business model.

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Main facts

  • Founded in 1905

  • Cooperatively owned

  • Milk is collected from 4300 dairy farms

  • Processes 1,8 billion litres of milk annually

Overall business idea

  1. Collection and processing of cow milk into a wide range of high-quality food products

  2. Valio has a goal of being carbon neutral in 2035
  3. Biogas produced at farm-level is upgraded to biomethane and used by the trucks collecting the milk

Key characteristics of the success story

  1. Valorisation of manure and food industry waste for bioenergy

  2. Upgrading of biogas to a biofuel for heavy transport
  3. Circulation of nutrients and carbon back to the soils
  4. Close cooperation between farm and processing industry
  5. Financial support to the production of biomethane

Main products

  1. Biomethane used as biofuel for the truck collecting milk
  2. Electricity used at the farm and surplus electricity sold to the grid
  3. Heat used at the farm

Plans for development

  • Valio wants to buy more biomethane for its trucks via the establishment of more farm-based biogas plants
  • A joint venture with the Finnish energy company St1 aims to produce 1 TWh biomethane in 2030
  • Other initiatives to reduce CO2-emission in primary production will be implemented
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