The COOPID project has carried out a selection of 10 success cases within the bioeconomy across the EU primary sector. This is the one belonging to a Finnish Success Case: Finnish Forest Centre . This case covers their overall business idea, main products, key characteristics, and plans for development of its business model.

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Main facts

  • Finnish Forest Centre is directed and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.

  • 565 employees around the country.​

  • The Finnish Forest Centre’s forest resource database is the largest in the world

Overall business idea

  1. Enforce forest legislation.​
  2. Finance sustainable forestry.​
  3. Collect and share forest data and information of Finnish forests.​
  4. Advice and educate forest owners and forest professionals in forest management, use and protection.​
  5. Promote sustainable foresty. Implement national and regional forest stragies and programmes.

Main services

  1. Business services: Metsää service (forests information), extension services for private forest owners and operators​, advisory services for companies​, customer support​, regional forest programmes and regional forest councils,​ and project activities promoting forestry.
  2. Forest Data and Inspection Services: remote sensing based forest inventory​, enforcing forest legislation​, administration of the Sustainable Forestry Financing Act​, development of forest and nature data ecosystem in Finland​ and sharing forest information​

Key characteristics of the success story

  1. Research based approach
  2. Collaboration with forest owners, service providers and institutions.
COOPID Finnish Success Case: Valio