The COOPID project has carried out a selection of 10 success cases within the bioeconomy across the EU primary sector. This is the one belonging to the French Success Case: Grand Est bioeconomy ecosystem. This case covers their overall business idea, main products, key characteristics, and plans for development of its business model.

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Main facts

  • Pomacle Bazancourt biorefinery

  • 1200 employees

  • 4 millions tons of biomass processed annually

  • The main ingoing biomasses are sugar beets, wheat, and wood

  • Both cooperatively and privately owned enterprises

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Main products

  1. Sugar from beets
  2. Wheat-based food products, glues and products for technical applications
  3. Ethanol and alcohols
  4. Bio-based CO2 captured from biorefining processes
  5. HPCI black pellets from wood

Overall business idea

  1. The Grand Est region aims to be a European leader within bioeconomy
  2. The development of new technologies and collaborations benefits the economy, environment and agriculture
  3. The Pomacle Bazancourt agro-industrial complex is a flagship site demonstrating high resource efficiency
  4. The complex includes several biomass processing companies together with research centres

Key characteristics of the success story

  1. Valorisation of by-products into high-value components
  2. Renewable energy is produced and sold or used for processing
  3. Circulation of nutrients and carbon back to the soils
  4. Recycling of process water
  5. Industrial symbiosis leads to increased resource efficiency
  6. Pro-active approach to application of new technologies
  7. Cooperation between industries and research to boost innovation
  8. Support from local and regional public authorities

Plans for development

  1. A pilot plant for 2G bioethanol has been converted to production facility for bio-based surfactants.

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